Product residue and spillage can be a potential source of contamination, a danger to health, and a hindrance to workshop efficiency. It is essential that there is a safe and efficient way to remove unwanted dust or other materials easily, and as quickly as possible.

Where there are specific areas generating residue throughout the manufacturing area, whether it is on one or several levels, we can design and install a centralised vacuum cleaning system that can collect from multiple points and deliver to a single location.

If the problem is spasmodic or variable in location we can offer a range of mobile vacuum units that can be moved by a fork lift truck or a self-contained trailer to any part of the factory. Combined units, or units with a separate collection bin, can be supplied to suit a range of dry or wet materials with varying holding bin capacities. The advantage of such a system is that with suction being continually on hand, the operative can at any time remove dust and other products and keep the workplace clean.


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