Our dust extraction units are chosen carefully to create the best solution for your business needs. The usage of these units may be intermittent or constant, thats why we incorporate solutions which are designed perfectly for your business.

Dust can be fine, coarse, dry or sticky in a powder form carried through the air to create waste matter which lies on the ground or surfaces. Our dust extraction units are designed to extract dry, fine and free flowing particulates to thicker dust particles.

Here at VAK Systems we strive to ensure that your plant is as hygienic and clean as possible. So by knowing what’s creating the dust in your plant we will be able to create a solution and specify the right dust extraction unit for your business. 

Dust extraction units ‘collect’ the dust which is generated during your production process. This will be a waste product. If the dust is to be reprocessed we can design a solution catering to your business needs.


Vak systems work with a wide range of businesses, take a look below