DMN-WESTINGHOUSE UK Supplies ATEX Rotary Valves to VAK Conveying Systems

David Longden is the Engineering Manager at VAK Conveying Systems: “Through excellent management and advice from DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, we were able to upgrade our customer’s current system to the required specifications needed to create an ATEX safe environment. The valves produced and supplied are of the highest quality and improved the ATEX safety of the system. They have also increased the efficiency of our client’s process.”

The explosive nature of flour and other bulk powders is well known. Choosing to install the AL200 APS valves (APS standing for Autonomous Protective System) provided the bakery with a highly accurate metering system and an explosive barrier in the event of a pressure surge due to a dust explosion.

VAK Conveying Systems is a system design and installation company serving a range of customers, primarily in the food industries. Having recently won the contract to upgrade the pneumatic conveying system installed at a well-known UK based bakery, engineers at VAK Conveying Systems chose to replace the non-ATEX rotary valves with the latest DMN-WESTINGHOUSE AL200 APS rotary valves.

Removing the old valves and Installing the AL200 APS valves was smooth and trouble-free, with no additional engineering necessary. The AL200 APS ensures the blockage of an explosion within its ATEX rating above or below the valve. It is helping the customer with an overall safer and ATEX compliant system.

As the leading manufacturer of high-quality rotary and diverter valves for more than 45 years, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is well known for independently providing reliable components manufactured in our facilities in Europe (Netherlands and Germany) and the US. We have an extensive global network of dedicated distributors to offer the best possible solutions in equipment and service for our clients to meet expectations in quality and delivery time.